City of Shards books

OK, City of Shards has been done did. All the words have been expelled from my hard-drive to blow over the internet in a cloud of epic fantasy invective.

So after nearly a decade of writing, revising endlessly, running through beta readers, re-writing again, stressing, and running through more beta readers, book 1 of Spellgiver “City of Shards” has finally been kicked out of the nest, and book 2 “In the Claws of the Indigen” is flapping its wings. For normal people, that means book1 has been released on Amazon (having come off pre-order), and Book2 has been placed on pre-order, with a release date of May 1. You can find Book 1 here:

And book2 here:

Every author has tales of hardship and doubt that buttress the human story behind their effort, so I won’t tell you just how many braincells I’ve destroyed stressing about these books and trying to get them perfect. I definitely have some kind of weird compunction. But I will say that after going through waves of beta readers, with each successive wave giving more enthusiastic feedback, it was only when I felt almost universal enjoyment from my readers that I decided to let these books fly into the wild.

So, launch day for City of Shards was March 30, and I’ve been getting great reviews—almost all 5 stars so far, and almost all from people I don’t know, like Netgalley reviewers. There’s also a fantastic review from “Readers’ Favorite”, an independent review firm. So that’s definitely peachy, though unfortunately most of the reviews aren’t on Amazon (yet).

You can see Amazon reviews on my book page here:

And Goodreads reviews here:

And you can see a 5-star review from Readers’ Favorite here:

Anyway, I’m a bit exhausted at all the work a true book launch takes, so I’m going to go put my head in cold water now and blow bubbles.

Till next time.